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Our Mission

At SafeZone, we strive to create safety and belonging in every community. We are constantly working toward neutralizing the gun safety conversation, by caring about the potential lives saved, not political debates, and further introducing a modern approach to the gun safety market.

Meet the Team


Joey Spier

I consistently strive to make a positive impact, drive results, and gain leadership opportunities whenever I see fit.


Mirabel Finger

Being a part of Westlake High School, I love the aspect of this business class and more importantly working with my fellow peers to create ideas for the future.

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Annika Nanda

I am a varsity rower which means that I am dedicated and work hard. I enjoy photography and being with my dog.


Jake Yokubaitis

I'm a determined teenage entrepreneur with a passion for technology and a drive to turn my ideas into successful ventures

Westlake Business Incubator

Students will form teams and be tasked to ideate an idea to further design and grow their business, all while blending entrepreneurship lessons with an experiential approach to traditional business.

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