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Westlake INCubator Pitch Competition

Owner, Saddle Rock Armory

“I would rather sell this for $130 than a $100 lock box"

Exec. Director, Texas Gun Sense

"This can really change the world"

Owner, Central Texas Gun Works 

"When can we start testing? I want to start selling ASAP"

The Reality We Face


Leading cause of deaths ages...


guns are stolen each year in the US


of gun related injuries are from accidents and misuse


of guns from mass shootings are stolen from gun owners

Protect Your Family

SafeZone enables fingerprint authorization for the set user(s), while still having ease of accessibility in times of defense.

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Control Your Own Gun

Safezone's application enables user(s) to know what zone, location, or status their firearm is in at all times with our G2 chip allowing cellular connectivity when away from your cellphone. It also works as a preventative measure for future crimes if and when your firearm is stolen.

Secure Your Community

SafeZone's application enables Geofencing where the user(s) can set safe or unsafe zones. They can personalize this by requiring the firearm to lock/unlock in those set zones or receive notifications to have desired accessibility

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